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We are in Florida so sometimes inclement weather will not permit us to do the show if we lose internet access or power.

Please post here if you have feedback, would like to be on the show, want us to focus on a topic or if you have ideas for future guests.

***We do not promote any specific political party or candidates for any office including presidential. We are more likely to interview female 3rd Party candidates who do not get a lot of airtime through other media outlets.

***The rule we honor is the Golden Rule: we treat others as they would like to be treated both on air and off.

Sunday, March 03, 2013


AFTER APRIL 1, 2013, OUR NEW BLOG AND ALL THE ARCHIVES WILL BE AT HTTP://WISEWOMENMEDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM. Posterous, our previous home will be shutting down permanently!

Wise Women Media-the Radio Show and the HOODOOED BLOG is YOUR radio show and internet news source, you control it and you can even BE ON BOTH...providing you are a woman over 40 and if there is a cause or something newsworthy that you want to promote. No other radio show has provided this unique platform and format.

We have been on the air for over a year and blogging regularly since April of 2010 and we have been a free flowing source of information with some groundshaking guests, informative interviews, newsworthy items, videos, stories and links. The SHOW and the BLOG have both served to be conduits for getting the news out to many. I have spent countless hours producing shows and scanning the Internet for newsworthy items and upcoming guests for these shows.

For instance, I have been told by many that the archives on the HOODOOED Blog have provided the most CONCISE, IMPORTANT and TRUTHFUL information about the Gulf Oil Spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. So far we have had over 113,000 unique visitors from all over the world.

And I can proudly say that we have NO CORPORATE SPONSORS!

After a year with the radio show and several years with the blog, I have received less than $100 from listeners and readers to fund both of these valuable resources. I cannot continue to produce them without help from the community.

Our needs are immediate. We are desperately trying to keep our INTERNET SERVICE ON. Production, research, interviews, promotion costs money. Please help to keep this show ON THE AIR and the BLOG going with new and fresh material, stories, links, videos and important information.

How can you help? By slipping us a donation at our GOFUNDME link here: http://www.gofundme.com/wisewomenmedia
Or through PAYPAL to the following address: anitamstewart@yahoo.com.

Please help us by donating today and we can bring you the next show... Look for us every Friday at 11PM EST on the HERE BE MONSTERS NETWORK on BlogTalkRadio.

 INDEPENDENT MEDIA is supposed to be “supported by community.”

Thanks, Anita Stewart
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