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Thursday, May 29, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for Friday, May 30, 2014--Special Guest Bev Baker, the Butterfly Gardener

Butterfly Garden 
We broadcast at 10PM on Friday nights and the archived show lasts forever, just follow this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/here-be-monsters/2014/05/31/wise-woman-media-53014-special-guest-bev-baker-butterfly-gardener
If you can't large scale garden because you are differently abled or challenged in some other way, perhaps this is an answer for you--gardening to help propagate the pollinators because without them there is no CIRCLE OF LIFE! Listen in to find out how you can do that!
This show will be prerecorded so we will not be chatting or taking callers during the live broadcast. 
BUT if you have questions for Bev, email them to me at anitastewart (at) gmail (dot) com with QUESTIONS in caps in the subject line.

Bev Baker
BIO: Bev Baker, a native of Indiana, has lived in the Tampa area since the age of 12. She is the mother of 2 now-grown children and one dog. She has lots of varied interests and stumbled onto a new one after losing her job in 2003. Butterfly gardening! With the frustration of losing her job and having a side yard where nothing but weeds would grow, she proceeded to dig it ALL up with the goal of putting down mulch and a few hardy plants. Finding the digging very therapeutic, she ended up digging up half of the front yard too! While at a local nursery in search of the hardy plants, she was drawn to the butterfly plant area and wondered "if I plant the plants, will they come?" So she planted a few plants, and they did come. Over the next couple of years, she proceeded to fill the entire area with various plants which would support the entire life cycle of many different kinds of butterflies. 

Now homebound with a chronic illness, she gets great comfort from the caterpillars and butterflies, particularly the Monarch which are in danger of extinction due to pesticides. The plants are grown and require very little work now, so most of the time she can sit back and enjoy it all.  She has inspired others to start their own butterfly gardens, providing them with advice and sometimes starter plants and caterpillars.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM ANITA: Bev has been instrumental in working with several organizations to help our state get GMO FOODS properly labeled with all of the hard work that she does behind the scenes.


Dede said...

What a great guest to have! Have a great show!

Anita Stewart said...

Pictures from Bev's Butterfly Garden at this link (FB): https://www.facebook.com/bev.baker.129/media_set?set=a.1443429608342.61641.1311166840&type=1

Anita Stewart said...
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