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Monday, September 07, 2015

Wise Women Media for September 9th, 2015--Flash Silvermoon, Tarotist, Astrologer, Healer

We broadcast on Wednesday evening, September 9, 2015 at 9PM. 

LINK TO THE SHOW HERE: https://soundcloud.com/wisewomenmedia/flash-silvermoon-author-tarotist-astrologer-healer-interview-9915

Flash Silvermoon is the host of the radio show "What the Animals Tell Me," a Tarot Creator with the Wise Women's Tarot, a Writer, a Tarot and Astrology Consultant, a Healer using Crystals and other healing modalities, activist and nature lover. She facilitates the "Womanspirit Rising" radio show.

Flash Silvermoon's monthly free astrology column is called "Astroflash" and is part of her newsletter "Flashes of Insight."

We will be chatting about current trends this month with the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, the Blood Moon in Aries at the end of the month and so much more.

See more about Flash here: http://www.flashsilvermoon.com/

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